10 Japanese chain restaurants you may love

Cheep! Fast! Delicious!
Here’s the Top 10 Japanese fast food chain restaurants you may love.


No.10  TENYA

You can eat “Tempura” with reasonable price at here!
Tendon is the rice bowl with tempura.
They have Vegetable Tendon for vegetarians.
Price range: 500 -1000 JPY (US$5-10)






You can taste home cooking of Japan at an affordable price.
My favorite menu is “Chicken Kasan-ni Teishoku (Mom’s boiled fried chicken plate)”.
Price range: 700 -1300 JPY






No.8  Tori Kizoku

“Tori” means chicken.
This restaurant pub serves chicken skewers.
People enjoy chicken skewer with beer after work.
All menu including beer 280 Yen!
Price range: 1000-2500 JPY (280 yen/per dish)





No.7  Sushiro

Sushiro is most famous conveyor belt sushi restaurant.
1 sushi dish costs only 100 yen!
“Hamazushi” and “Kurazushi” are also famous 100 yen sushi shops and there’s no such difference between them.
But if you really want to save your money, go “Hamazushi” on weekdays. It’s 90 yen per dish!
Price range: 700-1500 JPY  (100 yen/per dish)





No.6  Coco Ichibanya

Most famous curry rice restaurant in Japan.
You can chose curry souce from chicken, pork and beef, and chose level of hot spice and topping food.
Price range: 700-1200 JPY







No.5  Watami

The biggest Izakaya(pub restaurants) chain in Japan.
This company used to be famous as “black company” that the operator girl killed herself because of the overwork.
So, some Japanese people hate this company. But Watami is still the No.1 Izakaya(Japanese style pub) chain.
You can enjoy foods and alcohol at inexpensive price.
They have menu book in English/Chinese/Korean.
Price range: 1500-3000







No.4  Yoshinoya, Matsuya, Sukiya

These 3 Gyudon restaurants are always ally of common people.
They serve their food surprisingly fast speed and it’s really delicious!
Price range: 400-800




No.3  Matsunoya

My best favorite pork cutlet restaurant in the world!
The name is very similar to Matsuya Gyudon restarutant but it’s totally different restaurant.
They have a small number of stores compared to other chain stores.
So they are still not well known among foreigners. Check it now guys!
Price range: 500-1000




No.2  Bikkuri Donkey

Bikkuri Donkey is hamburger steak restaurant.
My favorite is Cheese Burg Dish with melty cheese 🙂
You can chose the gram of hamburger patty.
Price range: 800-1800




No.1  Saizeriya

Saizeriya is the Italian restaurant chain that all Japanese love.
People sit at the table for few hours to chatting with their friends and their family like at cafe, and we call this type of restaurants “Family Restaurant”.
“Royal Host”, “Joyful”, “Jonathan”, “Gusto” and “Denny’s” are also famous as “family restaurants”, but Saizeriya is No.1 low budget restaurant and you will love their taste too.
When you go family restaurant, don’t forget to order drink bar.
You can drink coffee, cafe late,  tea and juice as much as you want with only about 200 yen!






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