When is the best day to see cherry blossom in Japan

When is the best day to see cherry blossom in Japan?
Well, it depends on the area.
See below for more information.  Enjoy your “Ohanami”  😉



According to the announcement of Japan Meteorological Agency, cherry blossom’s full bloom will be expected on 31st March in this year around Tokyo.



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Expectation (Tokyo South)

March 22nd …start bloom

March 23rd …a few flowers

March 24th …20% bloom

March 25th …30% bloom

March 26th …half bloom

March 27th …60% bloom

March 28th …70% bloom

March 29th …80% bloom

March 30th …80% bloom

March 31st …full bloom

April 1st …full bloom

April 2nd …start falling

April 3rd …70% remaining

April 4th …60% remaining

April 5th …40% remaining

April 6th …30% remaining

April 7th …”Ha-zakura” means almost green leaves


Expectation (Tokyo North)

If you go to Tohoku area or Hokkaido to see cherry blossoms, plus 25 to 30 days.




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Where should we go to see cherry flowers???
Here’s famous “ohanami” spots around Tokyo.

  • Ueno Park
  • Chidori-ga-fuchi
  • Hibiya park
  • Rikugien
  • Asuka-yama park
  • Sumida park
  • Yoyogi park
  • Shinjuku Gyoen
  • Syakujii park
  • Inogashira park
  • Meguro river side
  • Kinuta park
  • Akatsuka park

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