Casino in Hokkaido

Are you looking for a casino in Hokkaido?
Then I’m sorry, you are not allow to play gambling casino games in Japan.

However, there is a casino bar in Susukino, only one minute from Hosui-Susukino Station, called “PAZZO”.

In casino bars, you can play casino games only for gaming and you can’t exchange your chips to cash. You have to leave your chips behind you when you go back to your hotel.
Not fun? Then why don’t you play Empire777 at your hotel?
Everything you need is internet access.











Asian TOP Online Casino Empire 777

empirelogoUsed to known as “668DG” is now the Asian most successful online casino and is expanding world wide.
The best feature is the number of live tables. Once you enter the live casino you can get down to some serious gaming even if you’re sitting at home on your favorite armchair or lying on your bed at hotel room.
There are six casino rooms to choose from, each have their unique location theme.
Choices include the Casino Macau, Casino Paris, Tokyo, Seoul, Reno and Vegas and you get to choose where in the world you would like to play.



  • Register FREE
  • Multi device support   -iPhone/iPad/Android/PC
  • Multi language support   -English/Chinese/Japanese/Thailand
  • 100% welcome bonus
  • Over 300 slot games
  • Silver/Gold/Platinum/Diamond VIP plan
  • Deposit via Netteller, Moneybookers, iBanq and even Western Union, VISA, MasterCard
  • You can set the limitation of use



How Do I Register with Empire 777?

Visit Empire 777 official page or click “JOIN NOW!” button below and select your language.
The Join Now Tab is on the top left hand side of the menu.
If you are outside of the region where Empire 777 offers their services, a text box will notify you of this.

If your region does qualify for you to register, it is a very simple process and very standard thereafter. You will need your identity details, your bank card, email and contact details to complete registration.







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