Don Quijote save Japan? Shop you must visit!

“Don Quijote”
His name is well known by all Japanese people.
But most of them don’t know his partner Sancho Panza at all! Speak further, half of them don’t know that Don Quijote is a character of the prominent novel. So why they know his name???


“Don Quijote” aka “DONKI” is the most fascinating discount store group in Japan. They have more than 160 stores in Japan and 3 stores in Hawaii.

They sell snacks, clothes, shoes, kitchenware, electrics, beauty cosmetics, alcohol, tobacco, funny or sexy costumes, toys,  and everything you need in inexpensive price. Everyone is guaranteed to find something up their alley within its cavernous depths.
You can save money and time to considering what to buy for souvenir!
They open 9:00am-3:00am (depends on store), some stores open 24H.




In a few years, Don Quijote has been very popular among tourists overseas.
But they have convenient services you may not know yet.


Don Quijote Service


Free Wi-Fi



You can use foreign currency

US$, Euro€, CNY, Thai Baht, Korean Won, Hong Kong $, Taiwan $ are available.
*Only bill
*Change only by Japanese Yen


TAX Free

Don’t forget to bring your passport.
If you want tax free service, you need to pay at tax free counter.
ask staff for more detail
*You can’t unpacked before you leave Japan.


Airport delivery 

Delivery directly from the store to the airport.
*Not all stores provide this service.

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